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Quixote's 10/2

Ayrex and I just played a show at Quixote's in Denver on Sunday, 10/2. Other than the sound man being a total ass hole, the night was awesome. We were posted up on the outside stage. The ambiance was amazing and the sound was great (despite Mr. Sound Man's attitude.) Dopemine opened the night with some sick sounding beats. Some of the other acts that got down were M.A.G.Z., Grand Architect, and Double Helix. Ayrex and I played early and set the bar really high. We got a very warm reception, as the crowd let us know during and after our set. "Unique", "original," and "bad ass" were some of the adjectives used to describe out set. Stay tuned for upcoming Small Hands and Ayrex shows, as we are getting more and more comfortable working together. Our shows are only going to get better!


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