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Small Hands

Small Hands [aka The Small Handed Bandit (Richie Wallace)], is a 28-year-old, independent rapper/producer from Boulder, Colorado. Be it on an AmbiAnIcon beat (which it usually is), a beat of his own, or with a live band, Small Hands uses words to reach beneath the surface of everyday life. His thoughts and ideas are conveyed in a comprehensive manner, with a sarcastic style that compliments the ever-maturing sound of conscious, underground hip-hop. The live show is high energy and introspective.

—  Doctosimo, Basemantalism, Radio 1190


One afternoon in the summer of 2000, Richie Wallace and AmbiAnIcon were working at a local sandwich shop. When Evan couldn't reach a pen he had dropped between two counters, he called out, "Small hands, I need small hands!" Richie, possessing the tools required to obtain the out-of-reach writing utensil, came to the rescue. Thus spawned the alias, "Small Hands."

Small Hands has not always been a solo artist. In 2000 he was part of a 4-person group called, Subsurface. Subsurface independently released two LPs: No Response, and Something to Trip Too. By 2004, the group was down to three members (Small Hands, Grinch and AmbiAnIcon), who began calling themselves “Level Heads”. In 2004 and 2005, Level Heads was gaining respect amongst listeners as well as other local hip-hop acts while they released a series of underground EPs, (Wings, Head, Thorax, and Heart), and played shows in Denver and Boulder, Colorado. Level Heads was put on hold when Grinch joined the marines in 2005. Small Hands was also part of the former hip-hop/indie rock band, Generalized Other, who, in 2007, toured Colorado and released White Dwarf, Red Giant. The band broke up due to creative differences at the end of 2007.

A quick learner with a good work ethic, Small Hands is "66 inches of ruthless persistence" - Small Hands, Little Battles, from the album Power Of Words. Small Hands has played in venues all over Colorado including The Fox and The Boulder Theater as well as some shows in Austin, TX and Las Vegas, NV. He is the co-owner of Level Headed Entertainment and strives to get his music to as many ears as possible. He has several underground releases, including P.O.W. (Power of Words), and the brand new album for 2009, A Week and 27 Records. He is also currently remixing and mastering the entire Level Heads and Small Hands catalog to be made available for download. It's music that speaks truth to the listener, allowing them to connect to it based on their own life experiences.

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