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A Week and 27 Records

A Week And 27 Records

by Small Hands

Released 2009
Level Headed Entertainment
Released 2009
Level Headed Entertainment
Stream of conscious hip hop for the chain-smoking introverts and the fine-dining extraverts: whitty, often sarcastic lyrics accompanied by punchy, downtempo beats.
Small Hands (aka The Small Handed Bandit [Richie Wallace]) is a 28-year-old, independent rapper/producer from Boulder, Colorado. Be it on an AmbiAnIcon beat (which it usually is), a beat of his own, or with a live band, Small Hands uses words to reach beneath the surface of everyday life. His thoughts and ideas are conveyed in a comprehensive manner, with a sarcastic style that compliments the ever-maturing sound of conscious, underground hip-hop. The live …
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Grind Mode Cypher Denver Vol. 2

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